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Past editions

The 1st of ISHF took place in Amsterdam in 2017 and was attended by some 1,300 people in a total of 45 events over two days.


The 2nd edition was organized in Lyon in 2019 and involved some 1,500 participants and 70 events over 4 days.


The 3rd edition planned for 2021 had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and finally took place in June 2022 in Helsinki, where about 1,000 people participated in 80 different activities over 3 days.


For the 4th edition in 2023, we were in Barcelona where a new record was set with more than 2,100 participants from all over the world.



In June 2023, the 4th International Social Housing Festival focused on the lessons learned from mature as well as emerging housing systems vis-à-vis emerging social and economic challenges across the world, with a special focus on Southern Europe and extensive participation from the rest of the continent, Asia, Latin America and North America.


The International Social Housing Festival 2022 took place in Helsinki, Finland, on June 14–17. The 2022 edition of ISHF explored housing as the foundation of good life. The festival highlighted the role of social, public and co-operative housing in achieving socially and ecologically sustainable living in our cities now and in the future.



In the French city of Lyon, ISHF made the link between the homes we live in, the cities we inhabit and the overall quality of life for. The sessions were all coming back to the slogan of the second edition, "Our Planet, our Cities, our Homes".


The celebration of the long tradition of decent, affordable housing for all started on 13 June 2017 in Amsterdam and was quite a success attracting 1300 visitors. For 9 days, the first International Social Housing Festival (ISHF) illustrated through conferences, workshops, lectures, tours, presentations, exhibitions, film screenings, debates, installations, activities for children and much more the added value of social housing for sustainable communities.

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