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Sharing the working model of the International Social Housing Festival in its next city host, Dublin

Knowledge and a solution-finder, a platform for our sector to debate housing enablers and barriers with policymakers, a place to establish new partnerships, a moment for appraisal but also structural criticism, an opportunity to change the narrative - this is what the International Social Housing Festival is all about.

First preparations for the 2025 ISHF edition in Ireland have started and this was an opportunity for Housing Europe's Communications Director, Diana Yordanova to explain our event model at the very first edition of the 🍀 Irish Association Forum in Dublin. She was joined by one of the local co-hosts of the upcoming Festival edition, Cooperative Housing Ireland (CHI), and their Policy Manager, Haley Curren who stressed that hosting the debate in the Irish capital is a chance to learn but also to open up on major issues that keep the housing world busy through new lenses.

The Forum is traditionally organised by Association World, to build excellence in business management for associations, non-profit organizations, and professionals, and it also happens in Brussels, Geneva, and Washington.

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